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Sharing Platter Menu Guide

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There is a generous, caring sharing feel when we sit down with our family and friends and share platters of amazing food.  There’s great excitement as the platters of food are presented before us which stimulates conversation and encourages a mood of festivity and happiness.


Sharing platters are very popular at the minute and works really well when they are presented on individual tables of 8-10 or long tables of 30+ guests.

All prices include GST.

Notes & Menu Guide

Cost Per Guest

Menu Selection
Price Includes a choice of 3 Meats and 3 Salads

Assorted Dinner Rolls

MoreISH Antipasto Platter

$121.00 per platter

Serves Approx 40

A combination of
cured meats, marinated olives, char-grilled vegetables,
vintage cheese, sun dried tomatoes, cashew nut pesto dip
accompanied with fresh and crunchy bread
to create a delicious harmony of exciting flavours.

MoreISH Fruit & Berry Platter

$88.00 per platter

Serves 40

A Stunning selection of fresh seasonal fruit
assembled to inspire healthy eating

MoreISH Cheese Platter

$88.00 per platter

Serves 30-40

A selection of Fine Australian Cheeses
accompanied by crackers, dried fruit and nuts

  • King Island Centenary Blue
  • King Island Cape Wickham Double Brie
  • Vintage Cheddar
  • Smoked

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