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Wedding Catering Finger Food (Canapes), Mornington Peninsula

By September 16, 2011July 2nd, 2015Weddings

About Mornington Peninsula Wedding Catering Finger Food

Salmon, Wedding Catering Finger Food, Mornington Peninsula
MoreISH Catering cocktail style weddings on the Mornington Peninsula provide a fantastic setting which enables guests to experience a variety of mini meals as finger food that ooze flavour, style and sophistication, leaving your guests feeling full, satisfied and amazed.

Most of the concerns we hear when first speaking with our customers about their wedding plans in regard to finger food and catering are:

  • Will there be enough food? We don’t want our guests to be hungry.
  • Will the food be satisfying?
  • I want to feel like we are eating real food.
  • Will the food be deep-fried and unappetising?
  • Will the food look spectacular, leaving an impression?Prawn Dish, Wedding Catering Finger Food, Mornington Peninsula

Our Mornington Peninsula finger food dishes are created from main meals and then turned into finger food portions so your guests can enjoy an exciting variety of ‘mini meals’. For example, our ‘Char-grilled Eye Fillet served with Red Wine Due Topped with Sauteed mushrooms’ is served as a finger food dish.

This dish along with all the other finger food dishes on the menu are easy to eat as finger food, giving you the flexibility of eating without the need to sit down with a plate, knife and fork. Our MoreISH finger food has been designed to satisfy these concerns and more.

It is presented to give your guests the ‘wow’ factor and to leave a lasting impression that will have everyone talking about it!Wedding Finger Food (Tuna Salad atop Carrot Pancake), Mornington Peninsula

Mornington Peninsula Finger Food Menu

Wedding Catering Finger Food, Mornington Peninsula Map

Sourced from the Mornington Peninsula. Our cuts of meat, seafood and chicken are of the highest standard and quality, resulting in food that bursts with flavour.

Testimonials to MoreISH Catering Finger FoodWedding, Happy Couple, Mornington Peninsula

Please refer to our testimonials.  We are truly humbled by all the kind words and thanks we have received.

Each and every testimonial received has been made voluntarily and we are filled with so much pride knowing that we have made such a positive and memorable footprint in their lives.

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