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Tim and Ann Stubbings

Hi Elle,  everything went well in the end – we turned the DJ off at 10pm (much to the disappointment of the kids and their mates!) but figured everyone had had enough by then…

Sunday was lunch and clean up, and can you believe how still and lovely the weather has been since Saturday! We were all getting stuck into the sticky date puddings on Sunday – they are even delicious cold! The boys found the sausage rolls in the fridge on Sat night and started eating them cold they said they were so good…

The guests were raving about the food on the night and as you could imagine, we had some fairly discerning foodies in the crowd.  Since then, I have also had many comments about how wonderful it was.  One of the female guests on the night eventually fessed up to eating 5 lemon tarts they were so scrumptious – I didn’t even see them and now I know why!  Another said he normally doesn’t chew oysters but they were so good he actually chewed them to savour the taste! People are so funny.  On Sunday they were arguing about which was better – the lamb shank canapes or the pork belly or the little souvlakis.  The calamari was a hit (as you said it would be).

We cannot thank you enough for the effort you and the team put in – even looking after our guys at the front gate.  It was much appreciated and your team did a fabulous job – including the clean up and the bar staff. Please pass on our thanks.  

The food was amazing so congratulations to you – you have been so professional and easy to deal with and we felt very confident that all would go smoothly – in fact, the food was one thing I was not the least bit concerned about in the lead up!  So, thanks for helping to make our day so wonderful.   The guests are still talking about what a great day it was – in fact some said they wanted us to do it all again next weekend!

Looking forward to working with you again some time (the kids have now seen how amazing it was with the marquee, food, music etc they are bound to want a party some time!)

All the best

Tim and Ann Stubbings
Main Ridge

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