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Christening, Mornington 2

By October 21, 2012June 24th, 2015Testimonials

Hi Kylie,

What a wonderful email. I was at home basking in the sun and having some delicious left overs when the mobile phone beeped. Your timing was impeccable as we were commenting on the chefs and waitresses and how well you all did. Then I read your email and I was so beside myself and also proud that we were able to have such an impact in the way that we did. We take it for granted just how we are with people in general, friends and family and even with strangers. But to get that response from you meant so much to me personally and my wife was quite emotional as well. It’s wonderful to know that just doing that little bit extra can have an enormous impact on someone. All of you were delightful and just made an amazing impression in your own way on the event. When we remember the day or talk about it in the future, you can also be proud knowing that we will be mentioning the staff that came to help out and create such a wonderful and hospitable ambience that really complimented the way we are. So from all of us, thank you for your kind wishes and we hope that some day our paths will cross again.

Bye for know.

Best regards,

John Chiodo


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