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Ann and Steve Robinson

Dear Elle,

We can’t thank you enough for the beautiful food and outstanding service you provided at the wedding of our lovely daughter-in-law Kate and our adorable son Tim, the evening was a terrific success.

Compliments regarding your delicious menu came from many guests and family on the night and also on the morning following the wedding. Elle, you were absolutely right about the amount of food needed, we were a little worried at first but after the first few trays were passed around we relaxed because everyone was obviously getting more than enough (and we definitely didn’t need toast and vegemite when we got home!)  

Thank you too for serving my croquembouche (I think it took ten years off my life) I felt, as mother of the groom, I had to contribute something – other than the groom that is! 

Thank you once more Elle, you and your team worked so hard, please thank them from us too. 


Ann and Steve Robinson

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