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MoreISH A La Carte Dining, Main

By February 10, 2011January 12th, 2016Menu



A La Carte Dining Menu Guide

  • Entree Menu
  • Main Menu
  • Dessert Menu
  • Platter Menu
  • Extra Menu

All prices include GST.

MoreISH Main

Cost Per Guest

Menu Selection
A Selection of any 2 entree dishes
A Selection of any 2 main dishes
Bread rolls are included

MoreISH Main

  1. Seasonal Fish Fillet Filled with a Mediterranean Combination of Mustard, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Fresh Herbs and Toasted Pine Nuts Accompanied with a Creamy Dijon Sauce Resting on Roasted Potatoes and Herb Buttered Greens
  2. Seasonal Fish Fillet with a Macadamia Nut and Herb Crust Resting on Caramelised Sweet Potato, Roasted Beetroot and Garlic Potatos
  3. Eye Fillet of Beef Filled with a Bacon and Fresh Herb Stuffing Accompanied with Red Wine Sauce Over Roasted Garlic Infused Silky Potato Mash and Roasted Seasonal Vegetables
  4. Rack of Lamb with a Mustard, Fresh Herb and Hazelnut Crust Dressed with a Dollop of Garlic Aioli Over Sweet Potato and Hazelnut Buttered Seasonal Vegetables
  5. Chicken Breast Filled with Caramelised Pumpkin and Pistachio Nuts Wrapped with Crispy Bacon Resting on a Creamy Chive Potato Mash
  6. Lemon, Roasted Almond and Parsley Filled Chicken Breast Wrapped in Bacon Served Over Seasonal Vegetables and Potato Puree
  7. Chicken Medallions Filled with Mushroom, Herbs and Spices Wrapped in Bacon Served on Garlic Potato Mash with Seasonal Vegetables and White Wine Cream Sauce – A Modern Twist on Chicken Scallopini
  8. Fresh Tasmanian Oysters – Sweet Chilli, Coriander & Lime and/or a Modern Twist on Oysters Kilpatrik

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