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21st Birthday, Mt Eliza

By May 25, 2013June 24th, 2015Testimonials

Hi Elle,

Thank you Thank you Thank you.  You and your girls did such a wonderful job.  Everyone is still raving to me about the food and service!  We were absolutely delighted with all your efforts and cleaning up so beautifully.  Thank you also for allowing the extra time at the bar.  We then had some friends man it for another few hours after that!!

We too were delighted with the way the party went.  The crowd were great and it was lovely to see them all appreciating the great food and the effort that we had all put in to make it a wonderful evening.  Needless to say Sam is still floating on Cloud Nine!

I do hope you get some follow up work out of Saturday night, considering how impressed everyone was it would be unusual it you didn’t.
Thank you for all your professionalism and assistance, it has really made the daunting task of a “21st party” so much less excruciating!

Kind regards,

Jo King

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